By Mark Heintz

Most moments each day are forgotten. Even though there are great, little moments each day, they affect us, then pass us by.  They are not impactful enough to hold on to; therefore, we as humans tend to forget these great, little moments.  Life is made up of these moments and I want to capture some of them to change my perspective as an educator to the daily moments with students, instead of just the few momentous ones.  To accomplish this goal, I asked my students if I could write and share one moment of each of them. My hope is if I stop to record a brief moment about them, I would reflect on those great, little moments each day.  I want to build a recorded history of my students and my time with them.  Here is one student and one moment.

Christian Paeng: January 2018

Christian Paeng is an affable, funny student.  I always enjoy his presence, even when his humor is not completely directly related to the task at hand.  He is lively and engaging. He ensures that class will never be dull.  Last week, he took a content knowledge quiz on the Atlantic Revolutions.  It was a basic, do you know your stuff quiz.  Christian memorized, for it was just a memorization quiz, all of the content questions except for one.  I marked it wrong on his quiz and handed it back to him.   He quickly came up and said I made a mistake and quickly reasoned with me why his answer was correct.  I was so proud of him and his growth as a student and his ability to advocate for his intellectual expertise.  It was a nice moment and I wanted to capture it.

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