by Quinn Loch

This morning a handful of teachers met for Teaming on Tuesday and we shared and discussed literacy strategies that can be used to help engage students daily. I shared a few strategies including some that I use on my daily warm ups in AP environmental science. Here is a link to the document that list a few of the strategies that were shared out.

It was great to hear from colleagues about how they incorporate literacy strategies in their classrooms. Kim Miklusak shared how she uses pre-reading strategies in her english classes. One of the many strategies she uses has students write their thoughts on specific themes large post-it notes around the room that peers can then give feedback to. Mark Heintz has been blogging weekly about the strategies that he uses in AP world history. His latest post can be found here.

Our conversations led to some great questions and reflection on how to consistently build student literacy skills. I look forward further collaboration to help finding new ways to engage students with text.

Here are a few resources that provide text or other content:

  1. provides weekly (and relevant!) graphs, diagrams, and infographics that students can break down and analyze.
  2. provides access to articles based on category and reading level
  3. – You can create custom categories of news articles by key word if you’re looking for current events that related to a specific topic
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