By Mark Heintz
Aug 19, 2019

I feel as if I am in a safe environment.

Day 6

Student Contributions by Aylin Khan

What We Did In Class

When we came in to class today, we took time to write individually our thoughts on “what’s good teaching”. After we had a few minutes to process our own thoughts and write them down on the desks we discussed it with the group and shared our ideas for four minutes. Then we were put into different teams and wrote down as a group or individual our expectations from a learner and a teacher. Finally we switched groups again and discussed what kind of learning environment we want our classroom to be and how we can make it the best environment for not only us students but for the teacher as well.

I feel that I am preparing by being a more attentive listener and really sharing my ideas during class discussions and group discussions. I also feel that my work ethic has improved a lot this year which would improve me for the AP exams instead of cramming all my learning last week. I am going to try to process the information throughout the year which is going to really help it stay in my mind and not have me overwhelmed the week before.

Just yesterday I realized, in my freshman year I was a student not a learner. I noticed the change in myself this school year within the last three days that I’ve been wanting to do my work and do the best I can, while improving my skills. Whereas last year, I did everything just for the grade and I know I didn’t put in my best effort towards my work and classes.

I did the bare minimum just to get my work done.

Especially in AP Human Geo last year I wouldn’t do anything. I would just be in the class physically but not engaged mentally. Now I feel like not only am I present physically in the class but I am engaged and putting effort even towards the little things like discussions.

I’ve been sharing my ideas more and paying attention to what my peers have to say, also building on their ideas as a group. I think this is not only due to the fact that I wanted to change but the connection I started to build with my teacher and my peers. I feel as if I am in a safe environment.

I really like that we right our own ideas of the topic on the table, then we discuss are ideas out to other students. When we do I realize we have connecting points with my peers and then I see at times someone thought of a completely different idea. We discuss and build on the topic with details and examples. I also like the freedom of not having to do a whole worksheet everyday instead we are able to discuss it with our peers and have class discussions where I am comfortable with my peers and my teacher. This really helps build on communication skills and make it easier for us learners for further projects that we will have to do with communicating with our peers and helps build bonds throughout the class.

My Thoughts

I’m taken aback by this reflection. Wow. She is very positive to what we’ve been doing in class the first few days of the school year. I don’t have much to add to this, other than I hope she continues to feel this way. I hope I don’t screw it up.





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