Too Early
By Mark Heintz
Aug 22, 2019

Day 9

Student Contributions by Charles

What We Did In Class

We had a lesson on different types of maps. Then we looked at different countries that are in a water crisis. We looked at a map of the world and what countries are in a water crisis. We took note of our observations of the map and discussed it as a class.

I like how we write down our thoughts on the whiteboard table then discussing it with my table.

When I look over notes we took during class and when I am paying attention in class and I’m actually learning something.

Have you grown as a learner?

No, because I still have the mindset of learning something and forgetting it in the next few weeks.

My Thoughts

This is the first post from my freshmen class. I’m interested to see if there will be a difference in the posts of freshmen and sophomores.  So far, the length of the post might be one difference.  Another might be what each of the students says we did in class and what they omit. I’m curious to see how the posts grow for each class.

I like Charles’ honesty about him not growing as a learner. I expected more kids to say that since we are only a few days into the school year, but its good to hear that they aren’t just saying they are growing to appease me.  Overall, I think I need to have time at the end of the day, or period, for each student to reflect on what we did and what helped. 





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