I’m curious
By Mark Heintz
Aug 26, 2019

Day 11

Student Contributions by Bihom Azrim

What We Did In Class

In class today, we worked with our groups to locate major cities of the 1200’s on a map. Then, we all rotated tables and evaluated the work of another group, we assessed the accuracy of their maps, and discussed what was correct and what was wrong. After, we started researching topics that interest us such as “What jobs were available in the 1200’s” or “How were goods traded” anything that was of interest and made us curious. We then wrote down our understanding of such topic.

I feel like I’m preparing because I’ve been having a lot more questions and I am actually curious, interested and engaged. I still need to keep putting forth effort and working hard in order to be successful on the AP exam, since I’m interested in what we learn I’m able to understand and remember new information. Also, working in groups and having interactive learning is benefiting me a lot more as we can all help each other and build upon a topic. I can hear something totally different from my idea and it helps me develop an even better idea and understanding.

Have you grown as a learner?

I have grown as a learner; I have that feeling of curiosity back. For example, I’m able to branch out from a broad question and be more specific such as “Why was farming such a popular job”. I’m able to have more questions, which leads me to learn more so I can master a topic. Also, working in groups and sharing our thoughts is allowing me as a learner to grow, as I can connect my ideas with someone else’s or even learn something new.

My Thoughts

I just want to highlight his quote. Its beautiful and is a good way to start a Monday.

I have grown as a learner; I have that feeling of curiosity back.






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