By Mark Heintz
Aug 27, 2019

Day 12

Student Contributions by Anonymous

What We Did In Class

Today we learned about the four different types of scales during notes (global, regional, national, local), and the three different types of regions (formal, functional, and perceptual/vernacular). After we finished looking over notes, we looked at a map of India and took notes on what we noticed about the map. This included the different rainfall in different regions of India, and seeing what places were more prone to heavy rainfall. We then as a class said the things we noticed and added to our notes.

I think we are preparing well for the AP exam because everything we learn is going to in some way have prepped us for the exam in the future. I know that this will help us because we are learning about what will be necessary for the exam we take. This is all gonna connect and be helpful for our success in that exam.

Have you grown as a learner?

I feel that I have because I am taking what we learn and using it in the rest of the things we do. We are all trying to figure out ways to solve world problems like with the water shortage, and are taking what we learn into tests we take that will help us in the long run. I also feel I’m progressing in my learning a lot more then I would in other classes.

I enjoy looking at articles and trying to problem solve along with writing down what we saw. It’s fun to see things visually and interpret from what we know what might be happening.

My Thoughts

I feel things are starting to come together. I have been giving the students a few tools to access information and curate their learning. Each day, they have the ability to use those tools to their own inquiry. So far, fingers crossed, they are using class time to explore what they want, but also are using the tools to push their thinking.  I mean, they are not accepting facts as truths. They are questioning how they view the world and what influences that view. Not only am I asking them questions that push their thinking, they are doing it to each other; but, more importantly, they are questioning their truths on their own. It’s something to see when a student asks, “How do I know this to be true?” 

 I hope I can keep scaling this to every day for every student. 






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