Day 24: Sumika
By Mark Heintz
Sep 13, 2019

Day 24

Student contribution by Sumika Masuyama

Overview of the Period

Today in AP Human Geo, the class participated in a lecture about the 3 population polices; Pronatalist, Antinatalist, and Restrictive Immigration Policies. Then shortly after, we reviewed the policies from memory. Moving on, the next activity we did was answering questions that we have from this unit. Thus, transitioning those (some) questions into our presentations. At last, we had to open up an interactive website; In the website we had to choose one country to explore, then we had to analyze their pyramids that changed over time. Which later we would add to our presentations and label which stage the pyramids are in.


How do you feel you are preparing for the AP exam?

I feel that taking this class helps me prepare for this AP exam because I have learned more about regions and changed my way of looking at data. Vocabulary has helped me the most, because then I don’t have to explain what I am trying to say.

How have you grown as a learner?

Connecting from what I said beforehand, I believe the way I look at data and maps have changed. When I look at a thematic or reference map I can connect vocabulary words to the map. At first, AP Human Geo was really hard and I thought that I couldn’t adapt to it. To be fair, AP Human Geo is still really hard, but I come to understand by using my resources on Schoology. Now, I have set my goal to pass AP Human Geo so I can come to understand AP World History next year.

(Don’t get me wrong) But I kind of like the lectures because I understood it and fortunately I was able to review lecture consistently on Schoology.

I disliked remembering all the vocabulary words and doing the homework but the work helped me understand what Mr. Heintz is saying, and what level I need to be at in order to pass the class.


My Response

After yesterday, I wanted to honor the student’s questions. I let them answer, more start to answer their questions. Then, I got back to their inquires. I took a few days off to “cover” some of the basic information for this unit. Finally, I freed some time in class again.

I attempted to have them use a few pieces of data to start to frame their thinking and push their theory. To do that, I had them insert a few population pyramids into their projects. They won’t have to keep them, but I’m hoping that the population pyramids test their theories. Some of them are looking at the global scale. I want them to start to test if their conclusions are valid for each country. If not, what is true and what needs to be amended.





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