Day 27: Curating
By Mark Heintz
Sep 18, 2019

Day 27

How do you curate your learning? How do you store everything so it makes sense and can be accessed later when it’s needed? These are the questions I have been asking my students lately.

Student contribution by Anonymous

Overview of the Period

As a result of Schoology not working, the students had to answer what trade route connected three continents. Which was the Mediterranean trade route. Then they were instructed to discuss what they traded. Afterwards, the students worked on their projects. In the other classes, the students wrote a quick response to commerce in the Song Dynasty.

How do you feel you are preparing for the AP exam?

 The AP exam, while far away, requires preparation now. In light of this realization, I recently have begun reading about the 1200s on my own time.

How have you grown as a learner?

By settings goals, I have a grown as a learner. For example, for 30 minutes every night, I study for the AP test. I was very attentive, and I rarely veered off topic. I could have been more efficient and probing with my google searches.

My Response

I have been getting my students to set goals for the week. Initially, I was hoping that the goals were centered around their Launch Projects. Ideally, they would have been what they needed to finish, learn, or connect in their project in order to be completed by the “launch” date. However, some of the students have gone in a different direction. Honestly, I’m proud of those students that they don’t need me to tell them what their goal should be centered around.


As I stated at the beginning of this post: How do you curate your learning? How do you store everything so it makes sense and can be accessed later when it’s needed?

I think back on all of the books I read, movies I watched, and notes I took over the years. Where did I house that information? What if I had a system so I could go back and access that information I consumed? I’ve noticed the students are in the same predicament I was in. Even though they have an iPad and better technology, they struggle to house everything in one convenient location. Over the past two days, I found that most of the students put their information in a google doc or slides. Some use notability, while others are using a paper notebook. Either way, I haven’t come across a student whose organization technique is accessible for future use.  I’m going to







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