Day 28: Connections
By Mark Heintz
Sep 19, 2019

Day 28

Student contribution by Byran Samayoa

Overview of the Period

Today in class we were going over different things we’ve covered in class like a review in order to see what we still need to learn, study, or improve upon in preparation of the AP exam. I feel like I’m preparing well enough, there’s always room for improvement though and honestly I feel like with just a bit bit review and practice going over the formatting and types of questions that will be on the AP exam.

As a learner I have grown in ways to be able to connect ideas more effectively to other ideas, figure out my expectations for myself, figure out my limits to push past with my progress, and just to be able to follow along more in class and be more attentive.


Two things that make me smile:

1. Bryan is able to connect ideas more effectively to other ideas.

2. Byran figures out his expectations for himself.

Seriously, if all my students could be that complimentary of what we are doing in class and how it has benefited them, I would be happy. At the beginning of the year, I cited that to be a learner one had to learn for themselves, set goals, and monitor their progress. Bryan is doing all of those things. He is a learner.






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