Day 29: One Period
By Mark Heintz
Sep 20, 2019

Day 29

The students have been given time each day (well…most days) to explore their own line of inquiry centered around particular themes. I wanted to show the power of what they are learning and the depth to the articles they are reading or videos they are watching. Yesterday, the students had about twenty minutes to dive into their inquiries. With five minutes left in class, I stopped them and had them paste a link to whatever website they were on and take a few moments to jot down what they learned. What follows is what they posted. I wanted to share with the world what the students are capable of when they are given the chance to be in charge of their own learning. Albeit, they are not completely in control, but it’s inspiring to see what they do with the time they are given. Germany, China, and Japan are all countries that are on the top caliber of trading with other countries and all of them are in the 10 best countries with the best economy. This proves that trading gives an economic advantage to countries that trade with others compared to countries that do not trade with others. Alliances with other countries also make a huge impact on economy for many countries. For example, Palestine, South Sudan, and Kosovo are not in the in the United Nations and they all fail to reach the same economic level as countries that are in the United Nations such as the United States, Russia, Germany, Japan, and China.


Vietnam’s Population (Pro/antinatal)

Vietnam’s birth rate has been declining over the past few decades. In 1979, the average births per woman was 5.7 but in during 1998-2002, it went down all the way to 2 births per woman. A reason for this decline is because the rates of contraceptive use has increased along with abortion. 

Also, Vietnam passed a “Family planning policy” in 1963 which made families lit it the amount of children; 2-3 children per family and 5-6 years apart from each child. Then in 1988, the government made an anti-natalist policy which caused families to have only 1-2 children per family which also caused contraceptives to be free 

Another key factor into Vietnam’s population decline is the NCPFP (National Council of Population and Family Planning). They made a program that was very manipulative. This program was mandatory to everyone which caused people to have no more than two children.

 Abortion was also promoted along with IUD (another method of preventing child birth). Abortion was given for free by the government if they are in local family planning program. This causes Vietnam to have the highest abortion rates globally. In a survey that was made, 12% of the responders (who were women) have said they used abortion at least once during the years of 1997-2001. 

The problems of freedom in Egypt. The government going as far as passing out laws to restrict people from giving their opinions.


I learned that France doesn’t really have water and half of the population are drinking contaminated water, even though it has one of the highest GDP. The reason they are drinking polluted water is because they are being exposed to high levels of pesticides, nitrates from fertilizer and livestock manure.

Why is the Bulgarian population decreasing? 

Because Bulgaria has poor quality health facilities, people are led to get healthcare and treatments in other countries

Bulgaria is the 118th most densely populated country, with 167 people per square mile

They have a life expectancy of 74.5

Bulgaria lost a LOT of people during ww2, with over 100,000 casualties

According to,

Russian has a similar vaccine crisis as America. The Russians have gone into the mindset of, and I quote ‘’my second child, who haven’t been vaccinated, isn’t really sick, and our first child, who has been vaccinated, isn’t that sick at all either’’. You see, the one difference between America’s crisis and Russia’s is that, some Americans thought that vaccines cause autism, and that vaccinating your child will turn them gay. Russians think that vaccinated or not, they still go through the same sicknesses like the common cold or the flu.

Socialism is more seen as a “safety net for the people, however, due to the fact that the government regulates and provides living conditions and other important parts of human survival, citizens of a socialist country may not feel as if there is any encouragement to strive to do the best they can, as the government makes sure that they don’t die from not paying bills or losing their home or whatnot.


The UK’s population is expected to increase quite a lot but in mostly the areas where water is already stressed. If the water scarcity issue is not  fixed by the 2050’s, most ares in the UK will not meet water demands and go into a drought. At least 15% of the rivers there haven’t met the standards to reach a good ecological status or potential to be used by households around the UK. 

Birth rates have recently dropped to low numbers. The minister is trying to double population by giving out baby bonus to lower and middle class families since most say they don’t have the money for a child. The cause to such drops in birth rates is that women are in the work force. Even though many women are working, the unemployment rate is still the highest in Europe  weighing in at 11%. The pay has also hardly changed overs the last twenty years. Most families don’t want to start a family unless they have a job to support them. Though many have jobs their pay isn’t holding up to the requirement of supporting a family. Higher income families wont be eligible for the raise since they above successful with pay and taxes and aren’t struggling.


1.Where do most superior people live

My first question was probably the tricky one of the two. First we have to define superiority. Superiority can be defined as many things. If I were to define it I would say that superiority is something that is more important or powerful then something else. Money, land, and social status would play a huge role in the making of superiority. When I started to answer this question I dumbly answers that Beverly Hills. But after many days of researching I have decided that China and the U.S.A are the front runners for superior people. They have a good economy lots of land, and population. 

This is stage 2 their population is still population is growing. In this link, it shows us some key details about some of the countries of the world.’s-powerful-and-superior-countries. 

From this document, it gives a list of info on each country. From this link I would say The U.S.A is highly favored. 

One of the biggest issues in Ireland today is homelessness and apparently this problem is expected to continue and rise during the next four years. One of the main things affected this is the lack of houses being built. Many people in Ireland are wanting and assuming that the government will adopt a specific strategy to help vulnerable families avoid homelessness and , where that occurs, to provide secure accommodation. During the month of June, the government has acted  in giving residential Tenancies Board board power to conduct investigations to improper rent increases and the expulsion of tenants should reduce the incidence if such behavior. Even though the government is trying to help now, they waited two years to actually try to take action in this growing issue. According to Focus Ireland , three quarters of the homeless families surveyed had been in lengthy successful tenancies before landlords withdrew the property from the market. Because of that, more than 3,000 families are newly homeless and the major cities are affected the worst of all.

Seoul is one of South Korea’s most expensive places to live and serves as the economic engine of the country. 

The top 10 countries with the most gold medals have a gdp more than 1 billion. Even though Jamaica has the 4th lowest gdp, it has a decent amount of gold medals. Britain has earned gold medals in double digits and some of this is because of its high gdp.

Why is healthcare so expensive in the U.S.?

Healthcare in the United States is twice as expensive as it in any other developed country. The amount of money spent on healthcare in the U.S. is higher than any other country in the world. Cost of drugs is another major reason. The cost of drugs in the United States is pretty expensive. U.S Department of Health Services believe the U.S. healthcare is improving, therefore the cost of getting better healthcare is probably becoming more expensive to get. Doctor’s worry the will end up in legal trouble through the practice of defensive medicine which is giving the patient the best treatment possible for whatever condition they have. Then they doctors end up ordering multiple tests even when they know the exact diagnosis. This adds up to about $650 billion. By doing this the everyone spends more on insurance bills, paying out of their pocket, and taxes. More people in the U.S. are treated by specialists rather than normal primary care doctors. Specialists charge more for medicine than primary doctors do. What surprises me is that there are so many exchange students in Japan.

The article states that the reason the population is declining is that women are putting their carriers before starting a family. Women entering the workforce make them independent. They no longer need a man to take care of them. Men that earn less than the women feel inferior and don’t want to be with a woman that is more successful than them. – Dana Cuellar A filmmaker makes a film about the Japanese’s alt-right and the history of their racist and sketchy history.

An article about how badly the Black Plague decimated the population. Japanese trains (At lease at one point) were so packed that there was barely any breathing room 

There is severe crowding in immigration camps and food rations are the very small or low quality with rotting or raw food. There are immigrants sleeping on the cold floor and denied toothpaste and soap.

As the birthrate and total fertility rate decreases in Japan, ratio of those working to dependants will decrease, causing problems in pensions, employment, and family care.





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