Day 36: Student Reflection
By Mark Heintz
Oct 2, 2019

Day 36

His reflection is in response to finishing stage one of a larger year long project.

Student reflection by Ty Macina

I liked that this project we did gave me the freedom to choose whatever I was interested in during 1200-1450. It didn’t feel like I was doing class work, it felt more like something I did in my off time because of how interesting the topic I chose was.

I curated my learning by taking the notes down on a white board and taking pictures of them. This way I can get my thoughts down on the spot and the facts I need to back it up.

I felt like I used my time very efficiently. I was on task for most of the time I could, I got the information I need to make a good presentation, and I wasn’t really stressed at all about it.

I’m excited to learn more about healthcare during this time period. More specifically about the Incan’s treatments on the other side of the world. There medicine is isolated from the rest of society, so they have to come up with their own type of healthcare.

I wanted to present in front of the class because speaking in front of people is a life skill that I feel to me is important for anyone to master. It helps spread your ideas that you have, share information as a whole, and give my overall opinion on the topic.





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