Day 39: Aidan
By Mark Heintz
Oct 7, 2019

Day 39

Student contribution by Aidan O’Toole

Overview of the Period

Today in class, we connected the previous three days of lessons. Over those three days, we read an essay and analyzed imperial portraits and a map.  In a group, we put the documents together in an essay using a google document. Finally, we shared them to a discussion post on Schoology

Aiden’s Response

I have grown as a learner. For one, taking the information I’m taught and using it to research and understand what type of message an author or writer is trying to portray in their passages or articles. Another thing that helps is that I actually care about learning in this class. So, maintaining a good grade and good work habits is something I hope to accomplish in this class. And with the resources available to me, I feel I’ve accomplished my goal so far, but there is still a lot of time left and a lot of work to still do; it’s an ongoing goal.

Something I wish to learn about is the reasons we go to war. The reason for this is these wars of our past have shaped today and many reasons the way things are today are because of previous wars. As well as being able to find a way to make sure these conflicts don’t repeat themselves, over things like religion, resources, and the need to be “the best”.

I enjoy a lot of what we do in class so the only thing I could say we could change is I like the ability to have time to do a ton of research on my topic so more work time is always appreciated. I think that the discussions we do really help in understanding what we’re talking about and making sure we absorb the information not just forget about it.

I actually care about learning in this class.

My Response

Some days are harder than others. I wonder about keeping up with the blog. Then, there are days and weeks like the one I’ve had and I’m thankful I’ve kept up with it. I’ve had a lot of positive feedback and when comments like the one above are said, I feel how much I would miss if I hadn’t kept up with it. He actually cares about learning in this class.

Humble Giant Moment

That being said, his next comment was concerning grades. I’m getting there. I’m glad he enjoys the freedom I’ve given the class as often as I can to research their own lines of inquiry.






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