Day 42: McDonalds and Starbucks
By Mark Heintz
Oct 11, 2019

Day 42

Overview of the Period

Today, we moved into the culture unit for AP Human Geography. I didn’t expect the first day to be that exciting. My plan was to give a brief introductory lecture on a few topics and then have the students read an essay on ethnicity. However, that didn’t happen. I had set up a folder on my Schoology page where I posted about twenty different links to resources about various topics we will cover in the unit. It’s a static folder that we go to from time to time in the unit. One of the students noticed one of the links had Starbucks in the title. So, the students opened that link and started asking questions.

In less than five minutes, the students asked amazing questions that pertained to almost every topic we will cover. I put the students in groups and attempted to answer the questions together. In a span of twenty minutes, the students had even more questions. They were reading into how the companies operate, what agricultural practices occur, and how does a local company transforms the planet?

Now What?

Well, today was pretty great. The students were engaged and curious. They led their learning. They want to learn more. Now, I need to keep that feeling going. I want to capitalize on those feelings. Tomorrow, I’m going to have them take their information and continue their own line of inquiry. From there, hopefully they want to do something with the information and make their learning public. 





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