Day 47: Ruth
By Mark Heintz
Oct 21, 2019

Day 47

Student Contribution by Ruth

Overview of the Period

Since Mr. Heintz was absent this day, the class worked with their table groups on a presentation that required us to answer a question/questions regarding a chart showing the amount of McDonald’s and Starbucks each country has.

(Side note. I was out on a field trip in the morning and when I came back I saw the image below on the desk. It’s always nice to see students thinking so prominently displayed when you are absent.)

Why I like APHG

I feel like this class is helping me prepare for the AP exam because it has allowed me to learn about different types of regions, cultural patterns, and migration laws that I wouldn’t have known about in the first place. This class has also helped me shift the way I would look at data and understand vocabulary helping me begin to gain the ability to interpret/understand the word or data provided as those are going to be two huge aspects of the AP exam that I wouldn’t have understood without taking this course.

As I’ve previously mentioned before, I personally think that the way that I’m able to analyze different types of regions, cultural patterns and migration laws have massively shifted. I stepped into this class not knowing any of the vocabulary, topics or data that was being shown to now being able to slowly connect each of these ideas to different topics (or words) that allow me to understand what’s being shown without having to memorize each of the definitions at home. And if I’m going to be honest, some of the concepts that we study in AP Human Geo are still a bit difficult to understand and I find that to be okay since we are provided with lots of resources on Schoology that can help me slowly gain the ability to understand and analyze them instead of rushing myself to memorize each of the definitions word for word. These things have also helped me set a goal to pass this course in order to become a better learner in AP world next year.

My Response


Earlier in the year, I said I wanted to develop learners. Ruth’s post highlights everything I want for a student.  Proud moment for me. She sets her own goals. She is attempting to solve global problems. She knows what she knows and how to connect to resources when she doesn’t.

I will give my students time to make decisions on what they want to learn and how to learn it.

I will have them find problems to solve.

I will have them curate their learning.

I will have them name the learning.

I will have them reflect on what they did and if it helped them learn.

I will provide them with resources from different perspectives and mediums to help all learners access the material.






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