Day 48: Sabina and Starbucks
By Mark Heintz
Oct 22, 2019

Day 4

Student Contribution by Sabina

Overview of the Period

Today in class we learned about the cultural definitions. After we were taught the lesson, we then proceeded to go to Schoology. When we were in Schoology we opened a folder with articles, in the folders there was an article about Starbucks and McDonalds. I stated in class that we should read this, we then had a couple of minutes to analyze the article.

After we read and analyzed the article we soon asked questions about this. Our class collectively made twelve questions. Then we put all these questions into a google doc. We soon looked at all these questions up online.


The way I feel like I am preparing for the AP exam is taking notes in class. Another way I feel like I’m am getting ready to take this is every Thursday we have tests due to the lessons we learned about in the past weeks. I know I’m being prepared because when we take the practice AP exams, the same questions and vocabulary I see on our reviews are on the AP exam.

As being a student at Elk Grove High School I feel like AP human geography has to help me grow throughout all my classes. I have many more vocabulary words I can present, I also have much more knowledge. In my biology class, we were learning about something that we have previously learned about in the class a little while ago. Also every since this class I have learned to use my time wiser with all the after school activities I do.

My Response

For the past few days, I have controlled most of the period. This post reminds me of all the great things that happen when the students are in charge of their learning. When the conditions are created to enable students to learn, that’s when the magic happens. 





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