Day 51: Killing culture?
By Mark Heintz
Oct 24, 2019

Day 51

Student Contribution by Anonymous

Overview of the Period

The students were introduced to contemporary causes of diffusion.  Essentially, globalization is eradicating cultural traits around the globe. They read an article — very opinionated — about how globalization is killing culture and should only be allowed if it benefits everyone.  The author deems the spreading of culture around the planet as caused “schizophrenic cultures.”  You can read the article here. As the students read, they wrote what they agreed with and what they questioned.  It is a tough article, but the students worked through it. 

I personally feel quite ready for the exam since I really enjoy the class and finish the checklists every week on time. Enjoying a class will let the student be “focused” into doing good because well, they like it!

Learning More

I’ve grown as a learner a bit because a lot of the goals I set, i reach them. One of those goals would be pass all of my classes and have 0 assignments late. Which, quite surprisingly I’ve reached.

My Response

Today started something special. The students were interested. They were curious. They wanted to learn more. When I had the students find a culture that is weird to them, they were so engaged in what they were looking up. One student looked at American culture — he understood the concept of weird was ethnocentric — and our habits might be viewed as weird to others.  The students couldn’t stop talking about what they were finding.

I’m going to capitalize on their enthusiasm and have them debate should we kill these “weird” cultures — not actually kill the people, only the cultural traits that are shared by the people — or have preserve them?





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