Day 55: Historians
By Mark Heintz
Oct 31, 2019

Day 55

Student Contribution by Cathy Ligeza

Overview of the Period

We first went on a worksheet on Notability that was about the global flow of silver. Our main focus was on becoming better at articulating our thoughts in the form of DBQ’s. After a while of writing, we shared our ideas about what we believed the tone of the document was and what it was trying to convey. Once we had discussed in our table groups and together as a class, we shifted to talking about our thoughts about humanity which we had started the day prior. Our assignment was to find a second document that could tie into our main point of view on the topic. It helped to strengthen or allowed some of us to question our own thoughts to better formulate an opinion.

Cathy’s Response

I don’t think that anyone ever really feels ‘prepared’ for the AP exam, but I do feel that I’m getting on the right track. The reason for this is because I’m getting better at picking out what documents are trying to say and the tone it’s conveying. I feel that with enough practice at writing and of course learning facts, I am taking the right steps towards being able to do well on the AP exam.

I’ve always been interested in the human condition. What makes humans the way that we are. The way societies are built up and maintained, interactions between humans, and reasons for war and such has never ceased to intrigue me. To me, the evolutionary perspective on why humans do certain things and how our species has changed and adapted over time is so interesting to me, and I’ve always wanted to learn more about it.

My Response

l wrote about this period in more detail earlier. But getting the student response was crucial. I feel that most people are interested in the human condition — or some part of it. The students have been intrigued by it and now we are in the finding evidence stage. There has been some discussion on how to use evidence and can a piece of evidence be used for both sides?

The students are interested.They are writing more than ever. They are reading more than ever. I’ll take today as a win. 





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