Day 58: Keeping Pace
By Mark Heintz
Nov 5, 2019

Day 58

It’s getting to the end of the unit. There is some need to know items that the students are having a hard time memorizing. I’m in the religions portion of AP Human Geography; Some students have a bit of background in a few of the religions, but it is mostly an unknown to them. To get them to internalize and connect with the religions to their own world I partnered the students and had them create a need to know — for the AP exam — one sheet for each of the religions.  While the students have been making great connections to the project, there are a few things they have to know.

Time is a struggle. Always is. By ending the unit now allows the class to be finished with the first four units by the end of the semester. I know there are a few things the students are struggling with.  I wish I could spend more time. The students wish they could spend more time. But, I keep pace. It’s a struggle for every AP teacher.





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