Day 61: More Testing
By Mark Heintz
Nov 8, 2019

Day 61

Yesterday, I spoke to my feelings during an exam. Today, I’m going to share some of my students. As they finished their test, I asked them to write out how they felt leading up to the test and what they were feeling during the test. Here are some of their responses.

Student Response #1

Anything involving writing is usually not my cup of tea. But this test was not as bad as I thought. I think I did okay on it, but I don’t know. The big things that tripped me up were the diffusion parts. I hope I got some of them right. The only ones I really am Hierarchal diffusion and stimulus diffusion which rarely showed up on this test. I feel like if we focused maybe one day on history then it would help us in the long term when we can think of examples.

Student Response #2

I felt confident because I knew my stuff and was studying for hours this week. I have been trying to finish the checklist and that really can help your ability to soak in all the different concepts because I had to see what I got wrong and change it so next time I can get it right. My first checklist score was 72% and I kept trying and now I am at an 86.63 and I need to push for 90%.

Student Response #3

Before the test we had an assembly, which I think calmed my nerves down a bit. Before I wasn’t that nervous and felt ready to take it. During the test, I was a little stressed due to the number of questions and felt that it was going on forever. Also, I felt nervous when I didn’t know the answers to some questions and had to guess. But, besides that, I felt clam due to being at that assembly and also doing the checklist the night before.

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