Day 63: Connected Learning
By Mark Heintz
Nov 12, 2019

Day 63

Student Contribution by Luke

Overview of the Period

Today in class we reviewed the AP unit MCQ’s we took yesterday and were given certain questions from the tests to place into a google doc. After placing the questions in the google doc we got to work writing down relevant topics to our questions and things that would have been helpful to know while answering the question. This will act as a study guide as we go further through the units.

I believe I have grown as a learner in the way that I go about acquiring new information. I used to only care about memorizing things for a unit and being able to recite the information. But now I feel I actually connect ideas and think about things, like why the information is important. Instead of memorizing information, I learn how it connects to our topic and then further expand on it from there.

I would like to learn more about wars and conflicts that occurred in history. I would like to learn more about this because the idea of conflict is really interesting to me as I always wonder why groups interact and how that could lead to conflict between them. I also like to learn the differences between groups which is usually the main root of conflict.

I don’t really like how in class we usually don’t know what is going to happen the next day or if what we are learning now will relate to another day. I think it might make some of the information a little less overwhelming if we knew what to expect everyday.


My Response

I’m going to touch on his concern more than anything else here. It’s a problem. When I started the semester, I was going to have their questions and their inquiry be the connection to the day-to-day learning. It would be their interest and inquiry that led the way. However, I’ve led the class more and more as we have gotten into November. I need to get back to that. I need to give them the freedom to learn about the things that are interesting to them. I have a plan to do it. I’m glad he told me.  





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