Day 66: Charles
By Mark Heintz
Nov 15, 2019

Day 66

Student Contribution by Charles

Today was the first day of the political geography unit. I started with a brief lecture on different types of political entities. Afterward, I wanted the students to have time exploring the current political world. They went to the BBC world page and looked at any event that was of interest to them. As they read the article they wrote down what they understand and what questions they had. My purpose was to get them to start building an understanding of geopolitical events.


As its still early in the school year, I do not have the urge to prepare for the exam because I think that the exam is still far away and that I’ll just prepare 2 months before the exam, which I know is not good or productive.

From the first time I’ve answered this question to now, I feel like I haven’t grown as a learner. I said this before and I said that I still have the mindset to just do assignments just for the points and not take anything out of it.

I want to learn more about Brexit because I want to know why the U.K wants to split off of Europe.

My Response

First, the class was awesome. The kids were learning amazing things. They found so many interesting — often devastating — political events around the world. They had questions and shared their learning with each other. Because this course covers so much, everything they brought up was relevant to the exam. I need to do more of this.

As to Charles’ response about his development as a learner, I would agree with him. I don’t feel I’ve done a great job developing them right now. I know he has developed as a learner — just not significantly. Today was a great example of what I need to do more of. I need them to curate their learning and drive their learning through questions. I’m working on it.





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