Day 68: Luis
By Mark Heintz
Nov 19, 2019

Day 68

Student Contribution by Luis

Reviewed content using Gimkit which was really helpful and continued writing with partners. But, my partner and I struggled due to lack of what the question was asking. In terms of content, the checklist and reviews in Gimkit and warmups help me prepare for the content part. But with the writing, I don’t feel as confident. However, writing each day helps me see what I must do for the exam.

I have grown as a learner because all my other classes require me to memorize something, but then forget it and this class forces me to do a checklist. Then, I use that knowledge the next day or weeks after to answer a writing response. I do not like that sometimes I tend to distract myself while using my iPad to finish other homework when working on online stuff.

My Response

Luis highlights the struggle I’m still having with the checklists and the writing. I know the students struggle with writing. This year, the students are writing more than ever and doing more writing that helps them find their voice. Trevor Aleo wrote a blog post on Learning Transfer. I need to continue to foster experiences like the ones in his post. That way, the writing we are doing in class will transfer to their other writing in life and help them develop as learners.





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