Day 73: Karylle
By Mark Heintz
Nov 26, 2019

Day 73

Student Contribution by Karylle

I think I have grown as a learner because I now want to learn about more things than just the topics we are required to learn in our classes. For example, I want to learn about more world problems and not because I have to for a school project or assignment, but because I’m interested in learning about issues in other countries. I think I was so used to not wanting to learn about any other things because I never felt like I had to or I had the time to research or read about another topic, but now I want to learn more about things I am interested in.

I would want to learn more about world issues because I feel like I’m not really informed about problems going on in other countries. I think it’s important for us to know what’s going on around the world so we can potentially help somehow.


I like how we go in depth with every vocab word. This helps really understand the topic we are learning about. I also like the checklists. Although the reviews can be annoying and long, they usually show me what I need to study or look through and they help me remember terms from all the past units.

I like how we get to research about something we are interested in. I don’t usually have time to research, read articles, or watch videos about issues or topics going on in the world and I like doing it during class. I feel updated and informed about something I’m interested in. I also like how not everything in our class is about grades. I feel I tend to focus too much on the grade I might get on the test or quiz than what I’m actually learning.

My Response

I covered most of the information the students needed to know for the political unit fairly quickly. By doing so, I freed up some time to allow the students to do the research Kayrlle mentioned. It has been great. The students are using the AP terms on a daily basis, but in real world situations. At the same time, I’m teaching by how people learn best — their own interests. They are more invested and empowered to learn deeply.

I know I have spoken on minimizing grades, but it is nice to hear how it helps. It’s easier to go back to traditional grading practices. It feels more like school. But, grading conversations have almost all dissappeared in room 250. I keep striving to focus on the learning instead of the grade.





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