Day 74: Lina
By Mark Heintz
Dec 2, 2019

Day 74

Student Contribution by Lina

In class, we discussed the causes, methods, and outcomes of the French, Haitian, and Latin America revolutions. We were also presented a new project in which we were to prove our existence.

Teacher — It’s a great assignment. Over the weekend, they have to curate documents that would prove they existed on the planet at that moment in time and what does that reveal about them as a human. We had a few minutes in class to discuss what that meant: lazy, benevolent, charitable, angry, etc. There was a lot of energy in the classroom as the assignment was unfolded. It’s hard to prove you exist without any doubt. Either way, Mr. Janu and launched this project together. Essentially, it’s a DBQ. When they come back, they will work on putting all of the documents together to prove that they existed and what it told about who they were.

As a learner I feel that I have improved in time management along with growing as an individual. I have always been a big procrastinator, yet I have been completing the checklists ahead of time and will continue to do so. This skill has also transferred into other classes where I have struggled to keep up or get ahead.

I feel I am preparing very well for this AP exam. I know this because after each practice (frq or multiple choice) my grade improves. Not only that but I feel more confident in my answers and the material.

I want to learn more about the society differences from the past time periods to now. Although we know the methods and the treatment that certain groups of people received, I think its important to understand how that drastic change was made in order to understand how our societies work and differ.

I don’t like how indecisive I am with assignments. With the majority of projects, there is a lot of freedom to choose how to display the information. I dislike how late I make the decision because it causes me to fall behind. However, I will try to improve this by briefly looking over the assignment and then make my decision not based on what would be most visually appealing, but what fits best to provide the information.

I enjoy the tasks that aren’t directly based upon our content. For example, writing directions to make a PB&J sandwich. It was so simple but brought new aspects to the way I write. I like these type of warms ups because it clears my mind from the stress of actual work, while gaining new skills in writing that will be useful for other assignments.





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