Day 80: Continually Getting Easier
By Mark Heintz
Dec 10, 2019

Day 80

Student contribution by Anonymous

I think we are doing pretty well when trying to comprehend and write FRQ’s, being that lately, we’ve been practicing them a bunch. They have continuously been getting easier to understand, which is good for me, as well as my classmates. In addition, I think we are also doing a good job of understanding most of our vocabulary words and using them in class and in our everyday lives. Of course, learning these terms hasn’t been the easiest, but with the amount of time that we’ve had to learn so many words, I think we’re doing more than fine with learning them.


I personally think that I need help with staying motivated in class. I’m always stressed out during class and I want to find ways to stay motivated instead of just giving up on my work.  To add on, I also think that I need help with further understanding the history of different places and people, being that a lot of historic events are mentioned in our FRQs. I know that being aware of the events mentioned will help me score better.



Some things I would suggest doing in our classes:
– having more links in schoology for studying
– types of games that would help us remember different terms
– reviewing terms at the end of class



Next Steps

I need to add more review at the end of the period. I do it for a bit, but then I fail to do it for a few days. I’m working on ways to get students to lead that review for themselves. Since most of them know what they don’t know, it would be nice to have the review time be personalized.

I’m mitigating the stress as best I can. I told them the final will not hurt their grade — unless they don’t take it. The amount of information to know is stressful without a grade. Even if a student wanted to know all of these things, it would be difficult to understand it all. That is where the motivation slumps. My students know what they don’t know. Most of them want to know everything and that is not a realistic goal. College Board knows that — hard for a student who cares to internalize that.

I love that the students feel comfortable giving me suggestions. I have links, just need to direct them to the resources. I have students creating study tools and curating their learning which in turn can be posted and given to the rest of the students to benefit from it.





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