Day 82: Do not waste my time
By Mark Heintz
Dec 12, 2019

Day 82

Student contribution by Jakub Skretkowski

I like how Mr. Heintz prepares us everyday for the AP exam, and doesn’t waste our time by assigning things not related to the class.

He agrees with me. I feel the work we do in class is not “wasteful.” I would hope that everything we do isn’t just for the AP exam, but good for learning, too. I would be impressed if he said, “everyday he prepares for learning. I’m hopeful that he is using AP exam and learning in conjunction; but, truthfully, it is more likely true that they are being prepared for the exam rather than long leaner.


I would like Mr. Heintz to sometimes go over the material from a previous unit or topic we learned about so we don’t forget the material.

Next Steps

I’m getting the message from my students. There needs to be more time for review. I don’t want to dictate the review. As a compromise, I need to give the students time to curate their learning. I can do that. I set out to do that, but I haven’t been allowing time for the students to curate their learning in class as of late.





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