Day 100!
By Mark Heintz
Jan 23, 2020

Day 100

Student voice provided by Yoanna

I’m wasn’t sure if I would keep posting. Day 100 is just another day and I want to highlight Yoanna’s words. She reflects on writing every day and how that process is a grind, but helps. Here are her words.

What we’re doing well in class is taking in information and being able to write about it with using a claim, evidence, and providing it with reasoning. The DBQs that we’re writing are getting better through the course of the year which in the end, when we take the writing for the AP test we will be very good with getting information across.

Everyday we take 20-30 minutes writing which has improved a lot everyday. In the beginning of the year I used to think that the checklist and all of the writing was pointless, but now I’ve seen the impacts they have from instead constantly taking tests and cramping in information.

What I need help with is understanding the topics of what we’re writing about. Sometimes the checklists help with understanding but there are times even with the checklists I don’t understand the topic. After some time when I really don’t understand the topic I’d go to YouTube and search it up and find some videos that help. I think explaining the time periods more thoroughly would help me out.

I wish that there were more lectures about the topic to get the point through. How I remember information is when someone talks about it and connects it to something that we all would know so when I see the topic I remember the connection and know what I’m writing about. I feel if there was more explaining it would be a lot easier understanding some of the things in the class.

My Thoughts

She knows how she learns best. She knows what holds her back. She is reflective. She is learning. She is a learner.


Photo by Ankush Minda on Unsplash 





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