Day 104: Powerful student reflection
By Mark Heintz
Jan 29, 2020

Day 104

Student contribution by Anonymous

Going into the class, I thought it would be entirely different. From experiencing and taking AP Human Geo last year, I went in thinking we were going to have testes every other week. But once we got into the school year I realized that wasn’t the case. The class has a lot more free-range.

Whether it’s with analyzing DBQ’s or just working on projects, there isn’t a strict plan or rubric to follow. This leads to letting us investigate and learn more about topics we’re interested in. The class also includes a lot more communication and collaboration with our classmates.

“Being able to talk and work with partners really helps with not feeling completely alone while getting stuck on something, we can just turn and ask our partner about it. Being in groups of 4 really helps with getting ideas and information off of each other.”

Analyzing DBQ’s and writing DBQ’s almost daily seems pointless at first, but we’re just getting prepared for the upcoming AP test in May. Grading and looking over our classmate’s DBQ’s really helps with understanding what we need and what we should do to get that point on the test. The class overall is not what I thought it was going to be.

Not being stressed and quizzed weekly really helps me take the time and try to understand the topic, not try to cram every little detail into my brain the night before a test/quiz. Having the time and communication in class helps me try to understand what happened because of what. Having such a fun class makes me comfortable and not afraid to raise my hand and ask questions when I’m confused. Being able to ask questions freely and get back thorough responses really helps me understand what we’re doing. I’ve really enjoyed the class so far.






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