Day 112:Metacognition
By Mark Heintz
Feb 18, 2020

Day 112

Student contribution is from Casey

On Wednesday, February 13, we took a multiple choice unit test. The unit was based around the industrialization period. We had one period to complete 39 questions. Then the next day on Thursday we began to review commonly missed questions with Mr.DaSilva.

He was able to explain some answers and give more insight on questions that students had. We then had time to review our answers and be able to ask for any additional help or explanations.

After reviewing the test, I learned that I need to use more outside evidence to answer the questions on the test. I noticed many questions that required identifying factors or motives to certain processes. Those questions were what made the test difficult for me.

BIG Learning

Another reason of missed questions was the wording on certain questions, some words such as “Exemplifies” or “ Ideology” were some of the terms that took extra time to understand. During the test I wasn’t able to connect my outside knowledge to the actual questions and passages.

That would also be the thing that stood out to me most. I made minor errors that cost me several points, I rushed through the passages and questions and I didn’t thoroughly examine what was being asked. I need to give myself more time and let myself fully analyze what was being asked. Overall, I think that putting time off to be able to review our answers was helpful. It allowed me to see how rushing costed me points. It also gave me time to look over what I may need to study for further tests or quizzes. I now know what type of questions or process I would need to know or understand for the next test. 





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