Day 113: Making it for myself
By Mark Heintz
Feb 19, 2020

Day 113

Student contribution is from Ethan

Today in class, we were introduced to a new time period, 1900-present, via an article about the time period. It was a very summative article of economic, political, and social developments over those 100+ years. While reading, we created three different bubble maps that allowed us to connect different ideas together.

BIG Learning

For me, today felt like an incredibly useful day. Information was presented in a very efficient manner that made the learning not only simple but also very helpful. I felt much better driving my own introduction into a new unit rather than having the unit intro be a class-led, slower experience. Creating my own maps, drawing my own connections, and creating and strengthening my own understanding was incredibly helpful in the beginning of this 1900s-present unit.






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