Day 114: What have I learned?
By Mark Heintz
Feb 20, 2020

Day 114

Student contribution is from Aylin

I asked Aylin what she has learned so far. Here is what she sent me:

We learned about empires and how they rose to power and conquered other empires. A technique empires used was gunpowder, it made it easier to take over weaker empires that didn’t have it. Ottomans took control economically and politically over places such as Eastern Europe, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. We learned about trade routes, like Trans Saharan, Oceanic, Silk Road, Med Sea and how they lead to advancement in trade.

We learned about the Colombian exchange and the goods that were passed on, such as Europe bringing cows, horses, and small pox. How Columbus really didn’t discover anything new he just slaughtered and raped the natives. Towards the end of first semester we learned about the Atlantic Revolutions and Elite thinkers. How countries fought for their own independence from European powers. Elite thinkers such as Wollstonecraft fought for women’s rights, John Locke fought for liberty. This semester we are learning about imperialism and the economic and political powers from Europe as we enter the 20th century.

I believe I got better at communicating with my peers and expressing my opinions on topics we discuss. With the dbqs I think I have grown as a writer, and realized what key words the AP board wants to see in my writing. For analyzing documents I noticed they just use simple words and turn them into more complicated words to confuse us but if I read carefully and use my background knowledge and make outside connections I should understand. From today’s dbq I saw how economic and political rivalries kicked off World War 1.

BIGGER Learning

I’m not scared to answer and be wrong anymore; also, you generally ask us to write on the table with our partners so it pushes me to talk to the person next to me and listen to their ideas and share my own.

You ask us how we feel about your learning techniques and were allowed to share without you getting upset with us. By putting pertinent instead of important it improves our writing. A word such as mechanization is really a harder way of saying a process of advancement. Political and economical rivalries was between Germany And France and another one was between Russia and Austria for the Balkans ( Bulgaria). Imperialism played a big role both country’s wanted to own and be in power of as much as they could.






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