Day 115: Feel Good Friday
By Mark Heintz
Feb 21, 2020

Day 115


I’m not in school right now. I’ve been out for the past two weeks; my third child was born and I’m taking the time away from work.  While away, I’ve had students message me and share what they are learning. Some of it has been exciting to see what they are doing.

One was just a simple sharing of being excited by her learning. She sent me a message about what she was doing earlier in the week and a photo of what she completed.  She made her learning visible. Even though I wasn’t there, I could see what she was thinking. The best part was she wanted to share it with me.

Hello Mr. Heintz, I hope everything is going well. I just wanted to show you how much I wrote today. I’m very proud of myself


The second was just a nice connection she made in her life to the material we have been learning. Normally they would share with me in class, but I’m not there. It’s nice to have them continue to share with me. Overall, not bad messages to get while away.

Look at what I found, connecting AP world to real life





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