Day 119: Interpreting Images
By Mark Heintz
Feb 27, 2020

Day 119

The student contribution is from Yemi

The students read a series of pages on information from World War I to World War II. The content of the pages covered every continent and covered economic and political issues. Afterward, the students drew pictures to solidify their thinking and understanding from each place around the globe on a map. I’m posting a few of their pictures.

BIG Learning

“It’s nice we were given a reading that associated with the picture, the picture helped articulate like specific details of the reading but it was just hard to focus because the reading was so extensive and long. It’s hard to switch between the reading and the pictures in notability so you can’t really highlight what you need.”

Even though it was helpful, it wasn’t easy. It’s hard to digest twenty years of history in a few minutes; It’s hard to write twenty years of history in a few pages. There were some technical glitches that made it more difficult that I will have to work on so it doesn’t happen again. While she said it was difficult, the images show how much they learned and understood.






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