Day 123: Writing, Writing, and More Writing
By Mark Heintz
Mar 4, 2020

Day 123

The student contribution provided by Binita, Yukta, and Shannon

We improve our writing by practicing every day in class and reading examples that need improvement. We improve because Mr. Heintz will show examples and pick out parts that could use some editing or parts that are good, which helps us write a better DBQ.

We struggle with DBQ because it is hard for us to put our thoughts into words and write a perfect DBQ in the given time period. We also struggle with vocabulary words that are used in tests or documents and it is hard to fully understand a document when we don’t understand certain words.

We have grown as a learner this year by enhancing our knowledge of world history and practice writing. We learned how to write better FRQ’s because we practice a lot, read the example and learn from our mistakes.

BIG Learning

They know what is working. They know what they struggle with. They know what they need to do get better. They are learners and we still have more to learn.





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