Day 124: Document Based Questions
By Mark Heintz
Mar 5, 2020

Day 124

The student contribution provided by Maya

Today in class, we worked on writing a thesis-contextualization paragraph on the Strategic Bombing DBQ. This specific DBQ was about the motives and outcomes of bombing campaigns in the 30’s and 40’s. There were 14 documents in the DBQ, and we had the whole period to read and write. Many classmates argued that the bombings destroyed cities and made it very difficult for those cities to come back from what had happened.

Throughout the year, we have been preparing and working on a lot of practice tests and practice DBQs to be ready for the real one coming up. We spend time asking questions and becoming more comfortable with these tests. We get the chance to get feedback and talk about the practice DBQs with Mr. Heintz, during class.

By practicing and writing these DBQs we are becoming more and more prepared for the actual DBQ later this year. I think that by having lots of in-class practice, students are more used to the idea of what the real test will be like, and how to write argumentative responses. I like how I get the opportunity to review my work and learn from mistakes, so I can have a fair shot to do well on the actual DBQ. Overall, I think that Mr. Heintz has done a great job of making sure his classes are fully prepared and ready to take the real test, which is in just a few months.

BIG Learning

Maya knows what is working and the class is becoming comfortable. That is a great compliment at this point in the year. She feels that the classroom is a space she can learn in and what we are doing is working for her.  At the same time, she is making her learning visible. She is saying what she is learning and thinking.





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