Day 125: Vilifying the USSR
By Mark Heintz
Mar 6, 2020

Day 125

The student contribution provided by Emyly

In class we read and broke down John Foster Dulles’ very opinionated speech on communism and the terrible, disgusting, inhumane ways of the Soviet Union. The instructions were to write three sentences that state his purpose, audience, tone, and evidence to support our claim as usual. Most if not all of my classmates agree that Foster was vilifying the USSR and their ways as a society.

You can read the source here.

BIG Learning

It is not easy to do what they did. In the way that Emyly wrote the description of the speech, she understood the purpose and tone of the speech. I’m proud that the students are able to work together, but also understand how speeches are used to persuade. They are seeing that truth is a loaded word and there is no one “truth.” If there is ever a needed skill today, it’s the ability to see/read the purpose and tone behind an article and read the evidence for oneself.





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