Day 126: Student Work
By Mark Heintz
Mar 9, 2020

Day 126

The students wrote a few short responses to John Foster Dulles’ speech. You can read the source here. I wanted to share some of their responses.

Student 1

The purpose of John Foster’s speech is to address to Americans about how they can unite together to prevent international communism from an outbreak of war. Foster’s tone is passionate towards the Americans because he believes that they can “dedicate their hearts and minds” to refrain from communism from taking over. He aims to fuel hope for America despite the goals of the Soviet Union for communism and imperialism.

Student 2

This passage was about addressing the importance of glorifying the U.S and demonizing the Soviet Union for their communism tactics. The US saw communism as a terrible tactic and tried to find ways to enforce other strategy’s that are less costly and more effective.

Student 3

John Fosters takes a very aggressive stance against communism when speaking to the American people in order to convince them to fight to stop communism from spreading to America. Fosters uses phrasings like “stole the independence” to describe the Soviets and refers to them as aggressors. These accusatory and persuasive wordings are clearly used to sway the American public into aligning against communism to ensure the survival of democracy.

Student 4

The purpose of this speech was to show everyone how communism had affected many people and the suffering it caused everyone. The tone was very strong showing a supportive side to those communism had affected, the Americans . Communism was cruel and the speech showed that Americans are strong people and they are willing to be responsible to partake in all of good human acts.

Student 5

In the passage, John Foster Dulles expresses his views on communism and how he believes it is an oppressive form of government, while also trying to sway the American opinion. Throughout his speech, Dulles has an underlying negative opinion the entire time and expresses his views on communism by using vilifying words such as “hardheaded”, “oppressive”, and “unimaginative”. Using such words shows the American opinion of communism, and since he is an important political figure in the American government, his views will translate to the people of the United States.






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