Day 127: Reflection on Writing
By Mark Heintz
Mar 10, 2020

Day 127

Student reflection provided by Becca

Today in class we started writing about Influenza in the form of a DBQ. Practicing DBQ’s and getting feedback on them has been a positive. I would ask my peers what sounded right and what should be changed. I have also been trying to connect topics that we have learned in class to the Influenza DBQ. For example, I connected World War 1 to the Influenza DBQ since the outbreak started during 1918, killing over 50 million people. Another positive is being able to see the DBQ rubric is it gives us a better understanding of what we need to add to our DBQ if it is sounding “weak”. As we get closer to the AP Test, I feel more confident about writing DBQ’s than I did in the beginning of the year.






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