Day 129: Everyday writing
By Mark Heintz
Mar 12, 2020

Day 129

Student reflection provided by Bailasan

We are doing a lot of reading and writing. This can help us with SAT and to become a faster and better reader and writer. We practice every day with new passages. Sometimes we even look at maps and write down the meaning for maps and graphs. This helps a lot because we practice it every day.

What do I need?

Talk more about the checklists and go over it in class. This makes us remember what we learned from the checklist more. Sometimes while we are doing the checklist we just want to get it done so we don’t really go over it and just want to finish it. So I believe going over it in class will help a lot.  I think we should go over the checklists and talk about what we learn from the checklist more because we are getting a lot of information from the checklist and we need more time in class to review things we learn in the checklist.





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