Closure Day 1: Toilet paper, swimming, and state of the economy
By Mark Heintz
Mar 15, 2020

Day 1 of closure.

Day 131 of student voice

I asked my students if they wanted to chronicle their lives as our country entered a state of national emergency. Several students started writing. I will post what they write.


Day 1? Sorta?

I was actually thinking of having a corona diary and now I have an actual reason for it. Anyway, Coronavirus, something none of us expected to get this big. Or even reach us. This all feels like part of a movie, it really doesn’t feel real.

Today I went to the store, like everybody else, just not as hysterical. There were completely empty shelves. There were limits on water. Limits on toilet paper (although there were none left) there were so many people crowding Sam’s Club, Costco, and Jewel. Lines were long and the workers were trying to restock the shelves. I heard a Costco worker say that they won’t get a resupply of toilet paper till Tuesday. I also feel like Mass hysteria is not helping the situation. One person gets 30 rolls of toilet paper while someone that needs it gets nothing. It’s a free for all in stores at this moment.

Today I also had to go swimming practice for my club. While I know this is great that we have the opportunity to swim, part of me is worried about the virus. I’m not worried about myself but if I get the virus I would be worried about giving it to my parents. The park district that we swim at won’t hold up for long, already park districts are closing. Such as Elk grove, Itasca, and many more.

This whole situation is bizarre, and I can’t help but think about all the other factors. How will the economy look? If it’s long enough, would we go to war for supplies? Will the public go crazy and have a purge for supplies? Will prices go up? Will it get worse? The reason I know its bad is because they still haven’t found a vaccine or how to prevent it. America supposedly has the best health field; yet, it been two months. If you asked me two weeks ago if i was worried, I would say no. When I saw they were canceling things is when I realized this is bigger than I originally thought. Another thing I’m worried about is Martial Law going into effect. Since we are in a National Emergency, they can.


Note: I also do overthink


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