Closure Day 1: Can I shake your hand?
By Mark Heintz
Mar 15, 2020

Day 1 of closure.

Day 131 of student voice

I asked my students if they wanted to chronicle their lives as our country entered a state of national emergency. Several students started writing. I will post what they write.


Day one of the quarantine seems kind of eerie; it’s only noon. Yesterday, any channel you went on was about the coronavirus. I only expect it to get worse from here to be honest which is worrying especially for the elderly. I also have my first job interview soon and I’m not sure if I should shake the lady’s hand which will be a funny story one day.

It is now about six in the afternoon and my interview went great. Still kind of baffled at the fact I had to ask someone if I could shake their hand. Tomorrow, church is canceled as well which feels odd because that has been a part of my routine pretty much my whole life. I live close enough to a Jewel-Osco to the point where I can see the parking lot. Never have I seen this many cars in the parking lot. It’s really crazy and this is only the beginning…. of the end?  






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