Quarantine Day 2: My Anxiety is Rising
By Mark Heintz
Mar 16, 2020

Day 2 of quarantine.

Day 132 of student voice

I asked my students if they wanted to chronicle their lives as our country entered a state of national emergency. Several students started writing. I will post what they write.


Listening to: Disarm by The Smashing Pumpkins

On the second day of quarantine, I’ve realized how bad the virus might get. I’ve spent most of the day thinking about how crazy this whole thing is. It doesn’t really even feel real. I’ve had anxiety about what I’m going to do for the next two weeks. I’m nervous about the economy and all the stocks that my dad has invested money into, and about how much money he’s losing every single day because everything seems to be getting even worse.

What I’m most worried about is my family members who could be seriously sick or even die if they get the virus. My grandma is old and has an immune deficiency, but she is someone who I can’t see myself living without. I text and call her everyday to make sure that she doesn’t go outside or in public, and I make sure that my other family members don’t come inside of her house and leave all the groceries and supplies she needs on her doorstep.

My stepmom is pregnant again and no one knows what happens to pregnant women if they get the virus, that’s also very scary. My dad is the only one who goes to the store when we need things, but what if he gets sick? Then who will go to the stores? My stepmom can’t go out, I can’t drive, and my sister can’t drive. I know these are only ‘what if’s’ and I’m probably worrying about nothing, but I’ve been cooped up in my house to the point where all I can do is think. Hopefully I feel better tomorrow and I can find some way to not think about it too much.





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