Quarantine Day 2: How many times can I check the status of the corona virus?
By Mark Heintz
Mar 16, 2020

Day 2 of quarantine.

Day 132 of student voice

I asked my students if they wanted to chronicle their lives as our country entered a state of national emergency. Several students started writing. I will post what they write.


It’s Sunday now the second day of quarantine.  I woke up to the news that Trump doesn’t have corona. So disappointing I was so convinced that he was sick due to the fact that he touched the Brazilian prime minister. Anyway, I’m on my way to church because it’s only open for a couple of hours for people who want to go and pray while the holy sacrament is out. It was either this or watching a live stream of mass on Facebook live.

We have arrived at church and the whole parking lot is empty on a Sunday which is so crazy. As I arrive at the door there are two big signs in English and Spanish that say hours when it’s opened and why it’s closed. Also when you walk in there are usually little bowls with holy water but they took them away. I’m not sure if it’s the environment or the Gregorian chants playing on the speakers but being in church was scary today. I’m so used to the cheerful choir singing, all the pews being full, the usual baby crying but not this.


So for the start of the second day of quarantine, I woke up feeling slightly better than yesterday, the only issue that I had was that the soreness in my throat grew worse and now it feels like there is a golf ball in my throat everytime I swallow anything. It doesn’t really hurt if anything, it’s more just annoying than anything else. I don’t think we have any plans for today and I’m hoping I can continue to stay inside and hopefully not get dragged into public areas.

Also, I forgot to start this yesterday but I’m also going to mark the time I check the status of Covid-19 by writing down how many cases there are (C), deaths (D), and how many recoveries have been made (R) according to this website Here. According to the website, they get their information from WHO, CDC, ECDC, and some other government websites. C – 156,400, D – 5,833, R – 73,968.


Today it was announced that all stores and restaurants will be closing down. The close of stores and restaurants will begin on March 16 at night.

  • Mexico is also talking of closing its borders to the populations. It’s also said that there are only 16 cases that have been confirmed in Mexico
  • In New York Corey Johnson calls for shutdown on NYC.
  • The death toll in the USA is around 62. In Italy, it is above 1,000 deaths.





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