Quarantine Day 4: I miss school
By Mark Heintz
Mar 18, 2020

Day 4 of quarantine.

Day 134 of student voice

I asked my students if they wanted to chronicle their lives as our country entered a state of national emergency. Several students started writing. I will post what they write.


Each day gets more and more boring. I woke up missing school so much. I was supposed to have choir practice last night but they canceled that too. When I go on the internet new conspiracies form; “ The government is using this as a form of population control,” or “China made this in a Canadian lab to attack the U.S.” I find them funny, but then again my generation literally takes everything as a joke. I have a folder of memes just about this. I remember at school some freshmen were literally calling it the Boomer Remover 💀. Anyways I think that’s pretty much it for today super duper boring. I wish I was at school. I also wonder how the teachers are doing.



 I’m starting to feel the effects of the quarantine more and more every day but I think today was the most noticeable one to come. The overwhelming sensation of boredom is continuing to grow as I’m pretty much stuck here inside all day. Even though I still talk and text my friends on a daily basis, it’s just driving me insane that I can’t go outside to practically do anything. My friends and I were hoping we could go to our local fitness center to play some volleyball, but because they’re all closed down, we’re still stuck inside. I started to draw more but it only helps a little bit. C – 196,640, D – 7,893, R – 80,840.


Listening to : Oceans by Seafret

Today I didn’t do much. I made banana bread twice because I wanted to see which five-star recipe was the best. And I concluded that the second batch was the best. That’s probably the highlight. I went out driving with Lana and my stepmom. We didn’t go anywhere, obviously, but we’re still trying to get in our hours for driving so that when all of this blows over we can get out driver’s licenses, whenever that will be. We were supposed to be getting it this month or at the beginning of April but I really don’t think that that is going to happen anymore.

Tomorrow is St Patrick’s day and I’m very sad that I can’t go see my family celebrate it. I recently did an ancestry thing with my DNA and found out that I’m mostly Irish, which I already previously knew but it was really cool to see the actual percentages. My family’s Irish blood also links back to ancient Celtic which I also thought was cool, and I’m from a long line of Irish royalty? We have our own coat of arms and everything. Now I’m just ranting, but whatever, there really isn’t anything better to do anyway


I haven’t documented anything the past 3 days but today is day 4 of being on quarantine. I’ve done nothing but watch movies on Disney plus, 10 movies to be exact. It’s been very boring but when my parents turn on the news that’s when reality hits. It still doesn’t feel real to me that the Corona Virus is so dangerous. I’ve been sick since Friday (the 13th) after school. I don’t have a fever but my throat was very sore, I was coughing, sneezing a lot more than usual, and I had a runny nose. I’ve been taking Mucinex since Saturday but I still have a running nose and lots of sneezes.

My parents have always been “germ-free” crazy but now it’s a little more serious. We wash our hands numerous times during the day that the hand towels in the bathrooms are never dry. Since I’ve been sick my mom makes me stay downstairs in my room sometimes. But in terms of food, our fridge is full, my dad has been making soups every night, and I’ve been baking sweets and pretzels for little snacks. Yesterday my mom worked from home all day while my dad was at work. She was downstairs in her little office while I and my younger sisters were watching movies and baking cookies. Today is Tuesday and Happy St. Patrick’s Day! My sisters start online school today so I’ll probably help them out if they need anything, but afterward, we’ll definitely watch some movies. Let’s see what movies await for me today.









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