Quarantine Day 6 Part 2: Paranoia, Coffee, and e-learning?
By Mark Heintz
Mar 20, 2020

Day 6 of quarantine.

Day 136 of student voice

Student voice provided by Eleanor and Alex


Day 5:
Listening to : Chlorine by Twenty One Pilots

Today I was on facetime with my really close friend Samantha from Sycamore. I haven’t seen her in person in about four years now, which is really sad to me because she’s my best friend. We met in sixth grade at Sycamore Middle School because she went to West Elementary School and I went to North, so I didn’t even know her. We had English class together and got super close over Fall Out Boy and writing. Speaking of writing, I started doing it again today! I haven’t written in a year or so because I’ve been constantly busy, but now since Corona I’ve had all the time in the world. I also started reading a book I have about Eleanor of Aquitaine, she seems like a cool person.

Day 6:
Listening to : Futile Devices by Sufjan Stevens

Currently, I’m listening to Spotify and drinking my third cup of coffee. I don’t really think that I even get woken up by coffee anymore because I have a tolerance to it. It’s still good though. My dad went to the store last night and he said that the shelves were so empty that probably 80 percent of the store was gone. He also said that bread was nowhere to be found so we have to start eating hamburger buns if we want a sandwich or something. Crazy. I’ll write more as the day goes on. Maybe I’ll create another Spotify playlist.


I forgot to write on the quarantine log yesterday but nothing really interesting happened yesterday anyway. Today was a little bit more eventful because I woke up today with completely different symptoms after not having any yesterday. Waking up with a stuffy nose and a dry cough made me a little scared but soon cleared up after a few hours. It’s been a week since I have seen my friends in person and it’s driving me a little crazy, even though I still talk to them every day, just not being able to see them physically feels really weird. I heard from someone that e-learning is supposed to start after spring break and continue to the end of April and I’m a little excited for it but have no clue how that’s gonna work but I still want to try it. C – 242,191, D – 9,843, R – 84,962.





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