Quarantine Day 9: Missing a birthday
By Mark Heintz
Mar 23, 2020

Day 9 of quarantine.

Day 139 of student voice

Student voice provided by Emyly, Eleanor, Alex, Michelle, Lana, and Raphael


Each day gets more and more boring. Today I woke up super late. I got to watch some church today. The only exciting things I did today were bake. Hopefully it gets better from here.


Listening to : Fears by Current Joys

Okay, I really need to start putting dates on this thing. Because it’s been a few days and I don’t remember what I did and I feel bad for not keeping up. The days are starting to blend, and I’ve never really been that good at remembering anyways. But today is March 22nd, 2020. Today we went for a family walk, which has begun to be a new daily thing. I don’t really like them, which sounds worse than it really is. It’s just cold. And today it started snowing?? What’s up with that? Today I also drove, still getting those hours in for whenever I can get my license. I don’t like being cheesy and I probably have some sort of commitment issue because of my ego but I really miss my friends. I even miss the people that I don’t really even like. I just miss people, and that’s super weird for me to say since I’ve never really been a people person before. I watched both IT movies ( chapters one and two ) today because I’m bored and it’s something to do. I read a book too, one about the Borgia family in Italy. I really like history, especially monarchies, they’re just really cool in my opinion. Maybe I’ll order some new books.


I came back home from my dad’s house around 30 or so minutes ago as I type this and I was kind of excited to come back because that normally means the start of a new week and I could go back to school and see my friends. Of course, today was different because I forgot tomorrow is the official start of spring break and that means more isolation. I found some videos of how I could continue to practice volleyball inside but most of them don’t really apply to me and the ones that do, well I don’t know how long they will be able to keep me entertained. C – 335,997, D – 14,64, R – 98,333.


Today I dyed my hair. A lot of other teens have been dyeing their hair out of boredom. I keep repeating myself on here but I have never been this bored before. I like no school and staying at home but because I want to. When someone else tells me to stay home I don’t want to. Although I have been staying in touch with my friends, it isn’t the same. I know that we are supposed to be social distancing but I really want my friend that I haven’t seen in months to come over. My question is would that affect the flattening of the curve? Because from my understanding, We shouldn’t be out in busy places, but online I’ve seen debates about just going to friends’ houses. Another question is how are we going to get rid of this virus? I understand vaccines and such but even after everything there will still be some people and this will happen all over again. In the beginning, many people were saying “Oh it is just like the flu, no big deal” I was one of those people, but as more time goes by the worse it gets. For now, I’m trying to keep myself distracted as much as I can.


It’s my step brother’s 15th birthday today, but I didn’t get to see him. I don’t remember the last time I missed his birthday. It’s kind of starting to get to me that I can’t see a whole side of my family. Usually, I only go to my dad’s house every other weekend, but for birthdays, we make the exception. I did text him so that he knew I didn’t forget, but like idk. It hurts. My sister, Phoenix, has been calling me, along with my stepmom and my auntie Libby. My stepmom owns a business, and she decided to shut it down for the next two weeks due to the virus since getting your nails done isn’t essential. The only thing is, my dad is a stay at home dad, so my step mom’s income is the only one they have. They should be fine since they have a lot of emergency money just in case, but it still worries me. I really miss them:(







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