Quarantine Day 11: Origami
By Mark Heintz
Mar 25, 2020

Day 11 of quarantine.

Day 141 of student voice

Student voice provided by Emyly, Lana, Michelle, and Raphael


Isn’t it kind of odd that China’s stocks are at a two year high. How is this possible if they’re pretty much patient zero. How did they bounce back so quickly? Hao Hong, a chief strategist at BOCOM International says, “Logically speaking, how is it possible that the center of the epidemic got hurt less than somewhere else?” Like I get it maybe they’ve had more time to sort things out and have maybe gone through the worst part of the disease, but still how did they grow so much in months? Something is fishy here but again what do I know. There are also more younger people dying which is scary. But the younger generations think cause we’re young we’re immune to it or won’t get that hurt. There are 18 year olds dying as well. We have to take this more seriously.



Today, I did some origami over facetime with my boyfriend because there’s no way for us to actually spend time with each other. I’m really glad that we find some way to still feel close to each other. It honestly really sucks not being able to be with the people who make you happy, but I feel like if someone really cares, you’ll find a way. I’ve kind of found a routine for the next few weeks, and I find comfort in that for some reason.

I wake up every morning (after whatever weird/creepy dream I had that night), I make myself breakfast, then I work out with my mom, sometimes I’ll practice my flute for a little bit, and then I hang out with my baby sister, and yeah life is pretty okay for the most part. I just really hope that we actually get a summer. My friends and I are supposed to have our licenses, and that means some freedom.



I’m running out of things to write about. It is hard to try not to repeat myself but I am still going to try. Today I woke up with a sore throat and I’m hoping it’s just that. My head is pounding. I haven’t gone outside in 1 week and a half. It is crazy to think about how three weeks ago everything was normal. In such a short amount of time everything changed. How are people going to pay their rent? How are my parents? My mom is still working but that’s nearly enough to cover our rent. I really don’t want this to get dragged into summer.



I didn’t feel like writing, so I didn’t. I finished a book instead. Book count: 2

Image by Miguel Á. Padriñán from Pixabay 





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