Quarantine Day 16: Upset with Americans
By Mark Heintz
Mar 30, 2020

Day 16 of quarantine.

Day 144 of student voice

Student voice provided by Michelle, Emyly, and Raphael


A teenager just died from Corona because he didn’t have insurance so they didn’t treat him. 27 million Americans don’t have insurance. Does that mean all of them are going to die? I understand it costs money but this is a time of need. People can simply not get treated just because they don’t have insurance, especially in a pandemic. The way that Trump and the government is going at it isn’t entirely correct. On twitter somebody tweeted, “Donald Trump knew in January dangers of Coronavirus. Didn’t buy, produce mass tests. Didn’t push social distancing until mid-March. Used microphone to distort, distract the severity of COVID19 to flu. Continues to lie about treatments; over factual, medical and scientific information” while this may not be true, it is interesting.
Landlords are trying to do the right thing and not charge for rent during this time but they have to pay bills. I wonder what they will do because people can’t just get kicked out onto the streets, especially during this time.


Tomorrow we start e-learning. I’m so frustrated but I need to understand this is new for everyone. Sorry for not writing for a while this all feels like a nightmare. The severity of this is starting to hit. I don’t think we’re gonna go back this year. I hate this so so much. Everyone is frustrated and upset. The amount of people still not caring is so hard to understand. Why are Americans so stubborn? Like, it’s not that hard just stay home for a while come on.

We have the most cases; America always has to be number one, right?

One good thing is that once you get it your body creates antibodies so you won’t get it again. The bad thing about that is you need to get it to be immune. The number of people getting it goes up by thousands a day. It’s all the incubation period. You don’t know you have it and infect people while you think you’re fine. I don’t think this is gonna end well or soon. Mexico’s president refuses to get tested. Mans for sure has it, no doubt about it, and he is old.

The lieutenant governor of Texas, Dan Patrick literally said he’d rather have old people die than let the economy fall.

Wow. I was in shock when I read that.

My grandma lives in Dallas and knowing someone like that is helping govern where she lives is worrying. I mean he’s 69 years old he could speak for himself but I’m not sure the rest of the elderly population agrees with him. This is getting bad real fast. Hopefully, I’ll write tomorrow.






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