By Mark Heintz
Apr 3, 2020


Day 145 of student voice

Student voice provided by Emyly



My dad’s best friend has corona. He woke me up this morning with a stern look on his face. I wasn’t shocked but I wasn’t concerned either. It was bound to happen, someone we knew was gonna get it eventually. Maybe even we’re gonna get it eventually. But the thing here is that he has a family, a wife and two boys. They’re all quarantined together which makes no sense at all cause he’s the only one infected and the others show no symptoms. They’re all in their own little room at home.

He has the living room, his wife the bedroom, and their two kids their room. My dad said that during the call he was coughing a lot.

This is getting bad, while some of you keep going outside. Please just stay in it’s hard for everyone not just you. His friend, that we met at church, was studying at the Mundelein seminary to become a deacon soon. Which reminds me next week is Holy Week. It’s going to feel so odd not going to church pretty much that whole week.

On Monday, I would’ve probably had choir practice for the big Easter Vigil.

On Wednesday, we usually have altar server practice and since I’m one of the main altar servers I would have to be there and help.

Thursday is Holy Thursday: the day the priest would wash 12 peoples feet representing when Jesus did that to his disciples.

Good Friday is one of my favorites because of how solemn everything is at church; it’s just peaceful. Then Easter vigil the one day of church I look forward to every year is not gonna be happening.

I’m going to miss the dark church when you walk in and then after 7 long readings during the alleluia the whole church is bright once again and everyone is holding their candles such a beautiful thing. Finally Easter I’m guessing a lot of people are going to miss this one, the egg hunts, the big breakfast or brunch. It’s all so abnormal.


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