Quarantine: My father has corona
By Mark Heintz
Apr 24, 2020


Day 147 of student voice

Student voice provided by Emyly


My predictions from my previous entries unfortunately came true: My father has corona.

We found out yesterday after he got the results. Before the test we all didn’t think he had it because he had no fever. We were so wrong. Take any symptom whatsoever seriously. I did and stayed in my room as soon as I heard a cough. But my mom and sister didn’t.

I am the only one in my family without any symptoms for now and we wanna keep it that way.

My mom is getting her test done Monday because she has symptoms. But me and my sister can’t get it done due to lack of symptoms. Which I find infuriating because I’m living and in quarantine with someone who’s sick.

How much more evidence do I need?

Anyways my life now consists of being in my room 24/7 and I come out every once in a while to get food but I try to stack up to not come out a lot. Disinfectant is an hourly thing. No more family dinners and we talk to each other yelling. Hopefully this is all over soon.

I’ll try to write whenever something of importance happens.






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